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The Gripmaster Pro Hand Exerciser from ActiveForever is a tool used to strengthen the muscles within the hand and most muscles and tendons in the forearm. There are three levels of tension available, medium tension (7lbs per finger), heavy tension (9lbs per finger), and extra heavy tension (11lbs per finger).

Control is essential in almost any extracurricular activity, and a lot of that success starts with the hands, wrists and forearms. The unique design of the Gripmaster uses resistance training, allowing you to develop strength, dexterity, coordinations and stamina within these extremities without exerting great amounts of energy. Each finer is operated by a completely separate system of muscles and tendons located in the hand, wrist and forearm. The spring-loaded design of the Gripmaster targets these specific muscles and tendons by isolating and developing each finger individually. The ergonomic palm bar adds additional comfort, giving way for a variety of different exercises that effectively develop and maintain strength, as well as increase blood-flow. For more information, visit

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Stocking Stuffers: VIA Handgrip is an exercise device for musicians, computer users, or anybody looking to achieve stronger, quicker and more flexible fingers and hands. Unlike the technical sports-specific models available, VIA Handgrip was designed for musicians.

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Accessories: These handy gadgets for professional and student players challenge each finger individually for improved strength, speed, dexterity and overall hand health. Designed with young musicians in mind, the Via (left) has wide pistons for smoother function and is available in two models, one with six pounds of tension and one with four. The Gripmaster (top right) is meant for all levels and available in three tensions, topping out at seven pounds, while the Pro (bottom right) is recommended for advanced players.

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Available in two tensions: 6lb (medium) and 4lb (light) per finger. Entry-level prohands grip, designed for young musicians. Ideal for improving hand strength and dexterity.



Hand strength is an important factor in the marching arts activity. Now there's a new product - Prohands Hand Exercisers - that allows performers to build up all of the muscles in their hands and arms. Prohands offers an advantage over the traditional "V" grip or rubber ball because users can exercise a greater variety of muscles. "The ability to control the strings or control the drum stick, pick or bow all starts with the hands," according to the Prohands website. "The only way to develop superior strength, endurance and coordination in your hands is to challenge and develop each finger individually."

Prohands makes three different models: Via (with valve-like buttons), Gripmaster and Pro. Each model is available in several different tension levels, providing options for student musicians and professionals. The product can help wind, brass and percussion players, keyboardists, guitar and string players and even color guard members or conductors who want to build up strength in their hands and arms. In addition, the small pocket-sized exercisers can be taken with you anywhere, ideal for long bus trips or relaxing at home.

Alternative Press

Alternative Press

So you just downloaded the guitar tab for the Fall of Troy’s “A Man. A Plan. A Canal. Panama. Have you seen those breakdowns? Playing them is the equivalent to grappling an angry ferret with your bare hands. Better strengthen those digits with the ProHands PRO. This hand exerciser has upper and lower springs fitted onto its ergonomic palm bar so you can build up speed and stamina for those solos (or any rogue ferrets).



Anyone starting out on guitar or with memories of their first stages of learning will know that utilizing and strengthening the muscles in your hands is an ongoing process. There are many products on the market that claim to offer an effective workout for the hands of musicians and sportsmen - including these Pro Hands exercisers. There are a wide range of models in the company's range to cater for different-sized hands and requirements. These include the entry level Via designed for younger players, Gripmaster (pictured) - available in three tensions - and the Pro for larger hands. The exercisers have individual springs to enable each finger to be exercised separately or together and the company claims this system can improve "strength, speed, dexterity and overall hand health and wellness."



PROHANDS WORKOUT: Prohands MUSIC has introduced two hand exercisers to help musicians build strength and technique. With individual springs, each finger is challenged to improve speed, dexterity, and overall health. The entry level model, Via, is designed for younger musicians. Wider finger positions create smoother function and improved finger performance. The Pro series expands on Prohands signature model, the Gripmaster. Performing musicians will find advanced hand exercises with the Pro model. It offers a larger profile, superior steel springs that resist wear, and an integrated ergonomic palm bar for comfort. All three models are available in different tensions, to provide a variety of finger and hand workouts.



NEW PRODUCTS: Prohands Music, inventors of the Gripmaster hand and finger exerciser, have launched two new hand exercisers for musicians. VIA, the entry level hand exerciser, is available in two tensions. Pro expands on the original Gripmaster providing a larger profile and superior steel stings.



Prohands, patented hand exercisers for musicians, exercise each finger individually, along with the hand, wrist, and forearm. Great for stronger, faster fingers and playing the old-time way! VIA is ideal for students, Gripmaster for advancing musicians, and PRO for professionals.

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HANDY ITEMS: The VIA Musician Handgrip is sort of like a pocket-size gym for your hands, designed to increase strength, endurance and dexterity. Half a dozen suggested exercises strengthen overall grip and individual fingers in various positions. I also found it useful for finger isolation exercises - especially for those challenging third and fourth fingers. the VIA is not instrument specific, so choose the exercises that suit your own needs. The VIA comes in light (four pounds per finger) and medium (six pounds per finger) tension. I tried the medium, which the company suggests for average hands. It was fine for overall grip, but a bit challenging for certain fingers. Be careful not to over do it! Start easy with just a few repetitions on the lighter version and work up slowly.

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Prohands exercisers are simply the best hand and finger exercisers out there - exercising each finger individually. Beginning musicians can leap months ahead in fingering strength and dexterity. Professionals find it the perfect tool before performances. When your instrument is not available, the pocket-sized, portable Prohands exercisers provide a quick, easy workout whenever.

Modern Drummer

Modern Drummer

The VIA Handgrip is designed to improve finger strength, speed and dexterity. This device is available in two tensions: Light (Yellow) and Medium (Blue). The light tension is ideal for young instrumentalists and for those who prefer more repetitions with less resistance. The medium tension is designed for adult musicians.

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#1 Hand Exerciser for Musicians! VIA Handgrip exercises each finger, and was designed for musicians to greatly improve finger strength, speed & dexterity while maintaining the health & well-being of the hands. Ideal for any level musician. Available in light and medium resistance.

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Aren't we all pursuit of stronger and faster fingers? Wouldn't we love the technique of Evgeny Kissin or Boris Berezovsky? The inventors of VIA Handgrip maintain that if you use their product on a regular basis it will 'greatly improve strength, speed and dexterity while maintaining the health and well-being of the hands'. The VIA Handgrip comes in two tensions: light, designed for young musicians who might prefer more repetitions with less resistance, and medium, designed for adult musicians, so it has a stronger tension and gets quicker results. Another added bonus, claims VIA, is that 'when your instrument is not available, the pocket sized, portable VIA provides a quick, easy workout, whenever, wherever.' At least you'll have something to do when you're next waiting in the queue at the supermarket.