Hank Haney's Essentials 'Grip Strength' DVD & Hand Exerciser

GripmasterGolf Essentials Pro Set
Light Tension. Light Resistance

DVD & Patented PRO Hand Exerciser in light tension (5lbs per finger).

Pro Golf Essentials Pro Set
Medium Tension. Average Hands

DVD & Patented PRO Hand Exerciser in medium tension (7lbs per finger).

Pro Golf Essentials Pro Set
Heavy Tension. Strong Hands

DVD & Patented PRO Hand Exerciser in heavy tension (9lbs per finger).

Golf Essentials

Hank Haney knows hands are the most important part of every golf swing. It’s your only contact with the golf club and determines to the greatest extent where your ball flies. In this exclusive DVD & Hand Exerciser set, Hank teaches you how to use your hands to improve your game and to develop the hand strength you need to play your best golf.

DISTANCE: Hank explains why your grip is the most important fundamental in golf. A stronger grip is the key to increased club speed and distance. Hank teaches the basics of hand positioning and grip pressure for increasing club speed.

CONTROL: Your grip is your primary control of the club face. Hank teaches how to make simple adjustments to correct slices and hooks. Strengthen individual fingers for improved control on tough shots out of traps or rough. Develop feel & touch for putting.

STRENGTH: Strong hands, wrists, and forearms are crucial for stability & accuracy. Hank believes strong hands are the key to a soft grip and smooth swing. Learn why strength in the three small fingers on your left hand is critical to your game.

This exclusive DVD/Hand Exerciser Set is available from Amazon.com, direct from Prohands.net and everywhere fine golf products are sold.

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