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PROHANDS TACTICAL is the ultimate training tool for handgun accuracy. Dry-firing is not enough. You must train your entire hand, wrist & forearm to lock on the target. PROHANDS is the #1 hand exerciser in the world thanks to spring-loaded pistons for each finger. We added a laser sight for tactical training, and the combination is key. Using is believing. Fix the red laser dot on a target 10-15 meters away, and challenge yourself to keep the laser steady on the target while exercising your fingers. Outside the range, PROHANDS TACTICAL is the most effective way to train for accuracy. Recommended by top law enforcement shooting instructors and certified NRA instructors. Available in 5 lb, 7 lb, 9 lb, 11 lb, and 13 lb pull weights. Comes fully assembled and includes batteries, instructions and suggested exercises.

Important: always exercise slowly and cautiously. If you experience any pain, stop immediately and see your doctor. Excessive use may cause pain or injury.

The Prohands Tactical is a good tool to practice accuracy. It helped me a lot in a recent gun match. Thank you!!!! - Roberto

The 11-lb model is the best hand exerciser I’ve ever used.  The construction, durability and flexibility of the machine are unmatched in my experience.
Your product has improved my accuracy with every gun or bow I’ve shot since buying it. - Ben

Dear Prohands - Thank you for this terrific product. I am an experienced shooter, and wanted a way to do dry practice trigger skills without the expense of an active target system. I keep my Prohands near the door and each time I go in and out, I do 10-20 index finger presses 'aiming' at some tiny spot at the far end of the room. I have increased hand strength and learned to better isolate the movement of my trigger press from my grip and sights. Having not been to the range in many months, I shot my most accurate group ever! I am sharing your product with all my new and experienced shooting friends. Thanks again! - Todd

I am a long time Firearms Instructor and this is one of the best tools I’ve ever used personally and I have students (especially if they are having problems) use this to show them what they are doing. Thanks again! I plan on getting more Prohands products, especially in the variety of trigger pulls. - Richard

As a firearms instructor, I am always telling my students that firm grip strength and a steady trigger press are key factors in accuracy. This tool helps to build both!!! - Michael