What are your customer service hours?
We are available Monday through Thursday, 8am – 4pm EST.

What stores carry your product?
Prohands is available in major retailers (including REI), and many locally owned music and fitness stores.


How do you ship USA orders and how much will it cost?
Shipping in the USA is free. We ship by USPS Ground Advantage. You will receive a tracking number once your order ships.

Do you ship outside the USA?
Yes, we love our international customers. All orders shipping outside the United States are shipped via USPS International First Class Mail. However, please be advised that once a shipment leaves our offices, we are not responsible for final delivery. We will provide a tracking number as proof of shipment only. If a parcel is lost during transit outside the USA, it is your responsibility to work with your local postal service to trace it.

How much is shipping outside the USA?
International shipping is weight-based and varies by country. If you would like an exact shipping estimate for your international order, simply begin placing an order on the web store. At checkout, the store will calculate your exact shipping charge based on destination and package weight. You’ll have an opportunity to halt the transaction before it is finalized if you decide these shipping costs are too expensive.

What about duties and taxes?
We have no control or influence over import duties and taxes levied by foreign governments, and therefore, we cannot be held liable for these charges. Should you require more information, please contact your local customs office for your country’s specific tariff laws and policies.

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Order?
Ship times for international orders vary depending on the distance. USPS First Class Mail is typically between 3-4 weeks. Long distances and customs processing can slow down international shipping, so please be patient and trust that your package will arrive safely. If 16 weeks have passed since receipt of your shipping confirmation and you still haven’t received your package, let us know and we’ll work with you. Please note we cannot track the progress of a package once it has left the USA.


Which model is right for me?
If you have small to average size hands we recommend the VIA or Gripmaster models. If you have large hands the PRO model would be the better choice for you. Our Rehab model is great for those who have arthritis or are recovering from a hand injury.

Which tension should I start with?
Hand therapists always recommend starting with a lower resistance and gradually working your way up to higher resistances. If you have average strength hands, we recommend starting with the light tension models (4-5 lb resistance). If you have stronger hands, we recommend starting with the medium tension models (6-7 lb resistance). If you’re a teenager or if you’ve had an injury or have arthritis, we highly recommend you start with the lower tension models (1.5–3 lb resistance). Please remember, our product is unique in that you can exercise each finger separately. You’ll be surprised at the difference in strength between the pointer finger vs the pinky.

Is it adjustable?
No, we offer dedicated color-coded resistances so you may measure progress. It’s the only way to get a wide variety of resistance levels. Please don’t be fooled by models touting adjust-ability. The range of resistance in an "adjustable" model is grossly limited. That’s why Prohands is the hand exerciser of choice for hand therapists, musicians, professional athletes, and strength coaches.

How often should I use it?
As long as you feel good and have no hand discomfort, Prohands is safe to use every day.

How many reps per finger should I do?
Begin all exercises slowly and use low resistance & few repetitions. Hold each position 3-5 seconds and relax - repeat 5 to 10 times. Little by little increase to 3 sets of 10 (30 reps). When graduating to a higher resistance begin again with 5 to 10 reps and build slowly.

Do you have an exercise program?
Yes, you may view and download our exercise programs here.

What if my hand starts to hurt?
If you experience any pain, stop immediately and see your doctor. As with any exercise, excessive or incorrect use can lead to pain or injury. Therefore, progress slowly and increase reps and resistance very cautiously.

Can I use this if I have an injury?
Always consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise program.

Can this relieve my carpal tunnel or arthritis symptoms?
Daily exercise will improve the performance of the fingers and hands by flexing and toning the muscles, ligaments and tendons. It certainly may help with arthritis, carpal tunnel, neuropathy, and poor circulation but we recommend consulting with a hand therapist before using.

Can children use it?
Yes, young students (12+) learning to play an instrument may find our VIA hand exerciser ideal. Again, we highly recommend starting with a low resistance (1–2 lb).


What kind of batteries does the Prohands Tactical laser use?
It uses 2 AG13 Lithium Batteries.

How do I install batteries in the laser?
To install batteries, push down on the front of the battery cap and slide it off the body of the laser. Nest, insert the batteries into the battery holder with the “+” side toward the rear. Finally, slip the battery cap back into place.

What type of laser is it?
We use a Gamo BSA LS650 Red Laser Sight (Class 3R)

I already own a PRO hand exerciser. May I purchase the tactical kit alone?
Yes, we do. You may purchase a stand-alone tactical kit here.

Do you sell replacement mounts for Prohands Tactical?
Yes, you may purchase replacements here.


Do you have a warranty?
We will replace any unit that has a defect for up to one year from date of purchase.

I changed my mind after receiving my order. May I return it?
Yes, we want you to be happy. Within 14 days of purchase, simply return your item to Prohands Returns/Exchanges Dept, c/o Accu-Net, LLC, 181 S Broad St, Unit 102, Pawcatuck, CT 06379 USA. Once received, we will issue a refund. Please note you are responsible for return shipping.

I purchased the wrong resistance. May I exchange it?
Of course! Please return your item to Prohands Returns/Exchanges Dept, c/o Accu-Net, LLC, 181 S Broad St, Unit 102, Pawcatuck, CT 06379 USA within 14 days of purchase. Kindly include a note telling us which tension you’d prefer and we will exchange it. Please note you are responsible for postage to return the items. We will ship your replacement free of charge within the USA. Customers outside the USA are responsible to pay shipping both ways for replacements.

I lost my Gripmaster Rehab/Gripmaster Golf palm cushion. Where may I purchase a replacement?
You may purchase replacement palm cushions here.


I’d like to carry your products in my store. How do I get set-up as a new account?
Please feel free to call us during business hours (Monday through Thursday, 8am – 4pm EST) at 860-599-1300 ext 13, or send us a message via our contact form.

I’m an online retailer. May I sell your product on Amazon, eBay, etc?
We do not allow retailers to sell our products on Amazon. We are the exclusive suppliers to Amazon, which allows us to strictly control MAP.


My question doesn't appear in your FAQ. What do I do?
Please send us a message via our contact form and we’ll do our best to answer you within 48 hours.